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Marginalized Youth and Contemporary Educational Contexts : Agenda

Time Topic Speaker Chair & Discussants
8:00-8:30am Registration    
8:30-9:00am Introduction & Welcome Dr. Bruce Ferguson, CHSRG, SickKids
Dr. Kate Tilleczek, SickKids and UPEI
9:00-9:15am Youth Stories and Experiences
9:15-10:20am Cultures of Marginalized Youth - Reproduction, Resistance, and Resiliency
Dr. Andy Furlong - University of Glasgow
Download presentation (PDF)
Download paper by A. Furlong (PDF)
Dr. Jean Mitchell – University of Prince Edward Island
10:20-10:35am Youth Stories and Experiences   Dr. Vera Caine – University of Alberta
10:35- 10:50am Break    
10:50-11:20am Reflective & Discussion All speakers and youth Download presentation (PDF)
Dr. Bruce Ferguson & Dr. Kate Tilleczek
11:20-11:30am Poster Presentations    
11:30-12:30pm Lunch Break and Student Poster Presentations    
12:30-1:55pm Educational Cultures and the Possibilities for Resilient Outcomes Dr. Michael Chandler - University of British Columbia and Distinguished CIHR & MSFHR Investigator
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Dr. George Dei - OISE / University of Toronto
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Dr. Joanne Anneke Rummens - SickKids and University of Toronto
1:55-2:10pm Youth Stories and Experiences    
2:10-2:40pm Reflective & Discussion All speakers and youth Penny Milton – Canadian Education Association
2:40-2:55pm Break    
2:55-4:00pm Arts Informed and Narrative Research and Practice with and for Youth Dr. Molly Andrews - Centre for Narrative Research, United Kingdom
Download presentation (PDF)
Dr. Katherine Boydell - SickKids and University of Toronto

4:00-4:15pm Youth Stories and Experiences    
4:15-4:35pm Reflective & Discussion All speakers and youth Aboriginal Elder
4:35-5:00pm Facilitated Discussion, Directions and Evaluation Dr. Kate Tilleczek