Child/Youth Identity, Health and Wellbeing

One in five children in Canada below the age of 15 was either born abroad or born into an immigrant family.  Recent socio-demographic trends further indicate that immigrant and refugee children account for an increasing percentage of all newcomer arrivals to Canada. 

This symposium will bring together leading international experts in three fields of research: identity and diversity; migration and resettlement; child/youth health and wellbeing.  Our aim is to collectively:  explore and synthesize key findings regarding the linkages between identity processes, resettlement dynamics, and child and youth health/wellbeing; identify current research gaps in this area;  and develop collaborative research and knowledge transfer initiatives.  Sub-populations of particular interest include:  immigrant/refugee, war-affected, ethno-cultural, visible minority, religious minority, and/or mixed heritage children and youth.

This symposium will be hosted in 2009 by Dr. Joanna Anneke Rummens.