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Mechanisms of Change in Developmental Psychopathology : Agenda

Time Duration Topic Speaker
8:00-8:40am 40min Registration  
8:40-9:00am 20min Introduction & Welcome Dr. Bruce Ferguson, CHSRG, SickKids
9:00-9:40am 40min Adolescent brain development: A period of vulnerabilities and opportunities
Dr. Ronald Dahl, University of Pittsburgh
9:40-10:20am 40min Observational studies of peer influences on adolescent alcohol use and abuse
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Dr. Rutger Engels, Nijmegen University, The Netherlands
10:20-10:30am 10min Break  
10:30-11:10am 40min Neighborhood effects on children’s health and development
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Dr. Candice Odgers, University of California, Irvine
11:10-11:50am 40min Cultural continuity as a protective factor against suicide among Canada’s First Nations Youth
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Dr. Christopher Lalonde, University of Victoria
11:50-12:00am 10min Discussant: Integrating the causal pieces of the puzzle: Brains, relationships, and cultures Dr. Marc Lewis, University of Toronto
12:00-12:15pm 15min Moderated Discussion  
12:15-1:15pm 60min Lunch and Student Poster Presentations  
1:15-2:00pm 45min Empirically supported treatments for ADHD and mechanisms of change
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Dr. Stephen Hinshaw, University of California, Berkeley
2:00-2:45pm 45min Growth in alcohol consumption among teenagers with childhood ADHD:  the role of ADHD-related impairments and parenting
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Dr. Brooke Molina, University of Pittsburgh
2:45-3:30pm 45min Deviant by design: Risks associated with aggregating deviant peers into group prevention and treatment processes
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Dr. Thomas Dishion, University of Oregon
3:30-4:15pm 45min Brain and behavioural processes of change associated with successful interventions for aggressive children and families
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Dr. Isabela Granic, CHSRG, SickKids
4:15-5:00pm 45min Moderated Discussion  
5:00-5:15pm 15min Closing Remarks and Evaluation Dr. Isabela Granic