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Prevention of Eating-Related Disorders : Agenda

Time Duration Topic Speaker
8-8:30am 30min Registration (light breakfast and coffee served)  
8:30-8:50am 20min Introduction & Welcome Bruce Ferguson, CHSRG, Sick Kids
8:50-9:35am 45min Moving from Individual to Ecological Models of Prevention: Linking School-based Research with Community Action and Policy Change
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Gail McVey, CHSRG, Sick Kids
9:35-10:15am 40min Theoretical Issues and Lessons Learned from other Fields of Prevention
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Michael Levine, Kenyon College
10:15-10:45 am 30min Reflective on the morning presentations
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Anthony Biglan, Oregon Research Institute
10:45-11:00am 15min Break  
11:00-11:35am 35min Gender and Ethnicity as Cultural Contexts for Disordered Eating
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Linda Smolak, Kenyon College
11:35-12:10pm 35min Linking the Social Context to Prevention Work: Facilitating Positive Body Image and Body Care Niva Piran, Ontario Institutes of Studies in Education, University of Toronto
12:10-12:30pm 20min The Link between Weight and Health: What are the Controversies? Leora Pinhas, Eating Disorders Program, Dept of Psychiatry, SickKids
12:30-1:30pm 1 hour Lunch Break (lunch served)  
1:30-1:45pm 15min Understanding the Social Determinants of Obesity and Eating Disorders: A Population Health Approach
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Lindsay McLaren, Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary
1:45-1:50pm 5min Q & A  
1:50-2:05pm 15min Advocacy: Parent and Community Involvement Joe Kelly, Dads and Daughters, Duluth, MN
2:05-2:10pm 5min Q & A  
2:10-2:25pm 15min Advocacy: Public Health and Government Involvement
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Susan Paxton, School of Psychological Sciences, La Trobe University, Australia
2:25-2:30pm 5min Q & A  
2:30-2:45pm 15min Physician Development: Promoting Comfort and Confidence in the Early Identification and Medical Management of Patients with Eating Disorders
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Alison Colavecchia, Central West Eating Disorder Program, Ontario
2:45-2:50pm 5min Q & A  
2:50-3:50pm 1 hour Moderated Discussion Moderated by: Michael Levine
3:50-4:15pm 25min Closing Remarks  
4:15-4:30pm 15min Evaluation  
Additional Resources:   Video montage - Weight: A Simple Equation?
Created by Sarah Collier
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    Canadian map of prevention resources and coalitions
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