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Improving the Prevention of Eating Related Disorders:
Collaborative Research, Advocacy, and Policy Change

“Improving the Prevention of Eating-Related Disorders: Collaborative Research, Advocacy, and Policy Change” was held on May 21st, 2008. The speakers’ presentations addressed understanding the multiple risk and protective factors related to body dissatisfaction in children and youth and the implications for prevention of eating-relating problems including eating disorders and obesity.

The symposium was hosted by Dr. Gail McVey, Health Systems Scientist, Community Health Systems Resource Group, SickKids and included keynote addresses by Dr. Michael Levine, Dr. Niva Piran, Dr. Anthony Biglan, Dr. Linda Smolak, Dr. Leora Pinhas, Dr. Lindsay McLaren, Mr. Joe Kelly, Dr. Susan Paxton, and Ms. Alison Colavecchia. Most of the speaker’s presentations can be found in the agenda section.

The conference was sponsored by The Canadian Institute for Health Research and The Hospital for Sick Children.

An edited book by the keynote speakers and discussants is currently being produced. Information on how to obtain a copy will be posted on this site, closer to the book's release date.